so this happened: vol. 2, week 39


So, it turns out I did very little cooking this past week… Last week’s debut of “so this happened” makes this week’s entry look fairly paltry. Did I not eat this week? The […]

so this happened: vol. 1, week 38


What’s this? I started this blog website of essays back in 2011. After ending decades of fronting various bands I needed a new project… and was born. Sadly, to this […]

I know, I know… it’s come to this–another ice bucket challenge


Unless you’ve been hiding under a large unmovable object as of late you may not have heard of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I’m going to assume you’ve been quite […]

are you ready for this? peanut butter & banana pancake sandwiches (gluten free!)


Exactly around this time last year I decided I wanted to attempt a triathlon. I wish I knew what planted this seed because, to be honest, at the time I didn’t know […]

so you think you might be tri-curious? me too!

swim 1

I am not 100% sure what prompted me to decide I wanted to compete in a triathlon; but sometime around last year I googled Boston Triathlon and came across The […]

from the dark kitchen: porcini sauce


I have the darkest kitchen in the world so I am contemplating renaming my essays from the ambiguous David the Tornado to the mysterious From the Dark Kitchen. The Goth Kitchen? Salty and […]

taming walden pond: traversing fear one breath at a time


I’m not completely comfortable unless I am just a tad uncomfortable. Maybe it’s symptomatic of my nurturing, maybe it’s a facet of my intrinsic nature or perhaps a little of […]

nespresso: oh good, I needed another bourgeois vice


I was not paid, compensated or asked to write this post. All views expressed are that of my own.   I recently returned from Europe where I was kindly reminded […]

before sunset: 26.2 in Paris

featured 3 yes

“I feel like we are in the movie The Warriors and this is the running gang,” my friend Chris observed as we patiently waited on the Metro platform with my […]

Paris, Denmark & Porcupine Bank: a preface

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My personal connection to both Paris and the country of Denmark is basically an absurd and random distortion of possibility and chance. Yet, here I am on a plane [a […]


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