halloween 2014: the grady twins


Adjusting browser width may give you more photo details. Use arrows above on the bottom right to scroll through images. This Halloween we attended a themed club event at The […]

best brunch ever: hot smoked salmon

IMG_8116 featured

Hot smoked salmon with cream cheese, capers & lemon on a (gluten-free) bagel This is simply one of my favorite recipes of all time; although, it’s not so much a recipe […]

so this happened: vol. 6, week 43

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this is halloween, this is halloween… It’s the week leading up to Halloween. I think I already mentioned my upcoming costume so I present to you my much related work-space […]

so this happened: vol. 5, week 42


Autumn rolls… My better half recently returned from Atlanta with a bounty of hand-knit scarves and hats courtesy of my mother-in-law, and I couldn’t be more excited about this. We’ve […]

paris in april: just a few photographs


This past April I ran my first marathon in Paris, France. (I’ll spare you the details, but in case of severe insomnia you can read my race report here.) Although I am […]

so this happened: vol. 4, week 41


I’m not so sure about this weekly recap business It would be, and has been, impossible for me to catalog every stupid thing I make. Not to mention horribly unreadable, and not […]

roasted pumpkin coconut curry soup (vegan & gluten free)

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Roasted Pumpkin Coconut Curry Soup I love this soup. But look, I know that my food photos all really suck, otherwise tastespotting.com, foodgawker.com, pinterest… people would be all over this. It’s […]

so this happened: vol. 3, week 40

featured boots

What to do with this fashionprescription.com… I don’t really consider myself a fashion maven by any means; yet, I am frequently asked for my opinion on such things. Maybe it’s […]

so this happened: vol. 2, week 39


So, it turns out I did very little cooking this past week… Last week’s debut of “so this happened” makes this week’s entry look fairly paltry. Did I not eat this week? The […]

so this happened: vol. 1, week 38


What’s this? I started this blog website of essays back in 2011. After ending decades of fronting various bands I needed a new project… and davidthetornado.com was born. Sadly, to this […]


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