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June 30, 2012

This past Thursday and Friday we had the great fortune of hopping on the tail-end of a friend’s rental on Cape Cod, specifically Hyannis Port.

The homes in this area are ridiculous… I always wonder who has this kind of money. I mean… someone does, right? I don’t know if I’ve ever seen landscaping with such enormous attention to detail. Even the birds are wearing Alexander McQueen. (Get it?)

We got a solid jump start on our morning and by 11 AM we had begun our culinary tasting on Hyannis Port’s main drag on the water front.

We heard rumors that the Lobster Rolls at Raw Bar were amazing (and huge). We opted for the classic version as to save our appetite for additional New England deliciousness. Regarding the bread component, I prefer a roll that’s more buttered and toasted–but the lobster meat on this bad boy was far superior then I’ve experienced elsewhere… large chunks of claw meat, not overly shredded or mayo’ed. Beer of choice was the Cape Cod Red Ale… decent, a bit floral with a slight bitterness at the end.

Oh, and we met Baker, the cutest and dumbest dog I have ever seen. Maybe it was the little pink bow in Baker’s fur that got me.

We then moved onto the Black Cat Tavern for clam strips… luckily they were out. Luckily? Yes, we had to settle for fried oysters. ONLY THE BEST FRIED OYSTERS EVER KNOWN TO HUMANKIND. Here’s the thing about fried seafood… usually it just tastes like batter and oil. As delicious as that is on it’s own, seafood fried correctly is amazing. These oysters were lightly battered, lightly fried and I could actually taste the oyster. Not only could I taste it, but it still managed to be creamy and malleable as opposed to something hard and rubbery. While we were there I had to try their award-winning clam chowder. Very creamy and yummy, but I thought just a bit salty.

By this time we were feeling a bit filled so we decided to jump on a small boat for a tour of the sound. Tell me, why are light houses so damn charming? Our small crew showed us some fantastic sights including Ted Turner’s schooner, the Kennedy compound and a few light houses. We also got a fun lesson on the marine life that’s fished in the area. Most interesting: Clam strips are actually clam lips. Yes that’s right… not only do clams have lips, but it was discovered in the 1960’s that if they were fried people would eat them. (Before this they were discarded.)

After our tour we decided to have some clam strips lips at Spanky’s. Also perfectly fried.

I kind of think that I’m starting to make the most of my short time whilst traveling–getting good at cramming in a lot on my short trips.

Our plan was to hit the beach with time permitting… but after all of the food and sun we headed back to Boston in our trusty zip car.

And this concludes our mini-excursion to the Cape.

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