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September 13, 2012


I know… I have been lame not posting more in the past few weeks/month. The truth is I have a really hard time editing my shit. I am relatively new to this blogging business. To post or not to post. And then let’s not forget about the photo editing process–I would’ve made a horrible photo editor. “Well on the one hand this photo has a bit of coloring around the blurred edge, but then again this identical photo emotes a sense of place and familiarity.”  Wait… what?

What’s new:

If you didn’t already know this about me I am a runner. I run. As my superior always questions, “What is it you’re running from?” Not sure if it’s an apt metaphor but let’s presuppose everyone is at least running from a little bit of something or other. Anyway, at some point I’ll probably discuss my running regimen and various routes throughout the uneven surfaces of our fair city of Boston.

I love everything about running. I don’t run far, but on my lunch hour I feverishly dart in and out of traffic, cyclists and clueless pedestrians at a ridiculous pace. I have even made a habit of photo-bombing tourists’ photos. (Seriously, I am not kidding I do this all of the time–in my bright orange running shorts no less.)

Anyway, I ran (my first) 5k thanks to the invite from my blogging friends Amy and Tracy. I averaged a 7:04 mile. Not bad? Whatever–I’ll take it. I’m 40 and I’ve had two meniscal surgeries… so… fuck it.

Unfortunately, the next morning I woke up with a super bullshit sore throat. I ignored it and then it turned into a super bullshit cough. A brilliant Labor Day weekend.

What to do? What any red-blooded American would do… cure that shit with hooch.

The Hot Toddy

  • one peppermint bag of tea
  • honey (preferably local)
  • lemon juice from 1/2 fresh squeezed
  • scotch-whiskey
  • hot water

Don’t over think this. I know some traditionalists might only use hot water for their toddy–but I prefer mine steeped with peppermint tea. Add honey. Add fresh squeezed lemon. Add scotch-whiskey or bourbon. I am really liking Pig’s Nose, especially for this exact application.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the accompanying video. I wanted to make this punny/funny song to put over it but then I started laying down tracks in my studio and unfortunately ended up with something completely different. So what you are hearing is a very preliminary version of some new music (finally). Been awhile. It’s funny… I put my guitar (amongst other instruments) down for so long. During the making of this post I oddly reconnected to the music making process and the joy of recording. Ahhhh. Feels good.

Don’t judge the music alone by itself too much. Vocals and full fledged depressing lyrical content to follow! (Will update this post soon!)

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    Reply Dulcie @ Two Tarts October 15, 2012 at 1:49 pm

    Great blog! But here’s the important question: What is your favorite type of Scotch? I am looking to add to my arsenal of liquors…

    • Avatar
      Reply davidtornado October 15, 2012 at 11:44 pm

      Favorite type of Scotch! Of the various regions I tend to prefer Scotch from Islay and Speyside–they usually have a more peaty/earthy/smokey profile. I like the Lagavulin 16yr. If I’m in the mood for something prettier Any of the Glenmorangie’s fit the bill (Highland). Glenmorangie Nectar is fairly awesome!

  • Avatar
    Reply Dulcie @ Two Tarts October 15, 2012 at 2:23 pm

    Whoops, just realized that you mentioned Pig’s Nose, which I haven’t heard of. I will have to seek it out!

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    Reply Christine February 20, 2016 at 1:33 am

    Delicious recipe! I used Macallan 12 year Scotch and it was awesome!

    • Avatar
      Reply davidtornado February 23, 2016 at 2:00 pm

      Thanks for trying it out!

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