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so this happened: I made an extreme ski video

February 22, 2015

I tried skiing again this winter.

Here’s the thing… I’ve mentioned my propensity for putting myself in uncomfortable situations. I like to challenge myself. I like to do and try new things. But man, I just fucking suck at skiing.

A few years back I wrote about a ski trip I took to Killington, Vermont. By the end of the day I was kind of getting the hang of it, but that was two years ago.

Fast forward to this past January and it was like Part 2 of any classic slasher film where you think the murderous bad guy is gone and dead forever only to reappear inexplicably with even more horror. I’ll spare you the details of the sheer terror I experienced skiing down the rocky slopes of “Sugarbear Road” and let this super intense ski video do the talking.

Ya see, I thought it would be funny to make an “extreme” GoPro ski video from the perspective of someone who truly sucks at skiing. So I quickly pieced together a metal track with some crappy pre-recorded loops and assembled my GoPro footage.

It’s probably only funny to me because the last shot is not fake. It’s how I got down the entire side of a mountain (a green run called The Pushover). I maneuvered down the entire hill sideways moving at about about 1 meter every 30 seconds. I am totally serious.

Meanwhile, my friends were casually assaulting runs such as “The Organgrinder”.

Haha ahhhhhhhh.

I am very ready for the terrors of open water swimming.

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