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upcycling dog hair = bird nest

April 28, 2013

My Freshman year of college I was told I could skip Biology 101 by taking Ornithology. This seemed like a fairly swift exemption out of redux remedial science until I discovered that my Tuesdays and Thursdays would forever be marred by break-of-dawn excursions to the Yellowstone River to watch Cormorants. Not cool when you are 18. (Also not cool, learning the latin names of nearly all North American species of birds.)

I do know that Jays are part of the same Genus as Crows (Corvidae). I also know that the Rock Dove, or Pigeon, is the only bird that can “suck” with its beak.

It’s spring time which means birds are building nests, our Buckeye tree is getting ready to shit all over our yard and Cosmo is shedding like a motherfucker. The yard kind of has grass but it won’t last.

Last week wifey was out in the yard brushing the dogs and letting the dog hair drift away in the wind. A curious thing happened… it was like a scene out of “The Birds”. Little Sparrows started hovering all around us waiting for just the precise moment to pick up the most amazing white textiles to match the “rough hewn” look of their respective nests.

I think this video speaks for itself.

I hope you enjoy the original music which I recorded with an old 3-stringed violin and a mostly out of tune mandolin.

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