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blackberry margarita

February 23, 2012

Last night was National Margarita Day which I found odd considering it coincided with Ash Wednesday; I guess every 7 years it just happens this way.

Anyway, I decided to try something different than the usual margarita and toss in something unexpected to the mix… blackberries.

I chose Herradura Reposoda tequila that, according to their website, has “very smooth with sweet cooked agave notes; slight vanilla and cinnamon.”

You will need:

  • tequila, lots of tequila
  • blackberries
  • raw unrefined sugar
  • coarse salt
  • club soda
  • limes
  • mint (just for charm)
  • to taste: orange juice, Rose’s sweetened lime juice


I mashed the blackberries in a bowl and added about a tablespoon of sugar. Without previously having researched the tequila I added a bit of vanilla, and by a bit I mean maybe two drops. I juiced two limes but ended up adding a splash of Orange Juice and a bit of Rose’s to get the right amount of acidity to balance the sweet of the blackberry mixture. I salted a ball jar for it’s photographic charm and added ice. In the following order added the ingredients into the glass: blackberry mixture, tequila, lime juice, splash of soda and then a bit of OJ and Rose’s lime juice. Finally a sprig of Mint (also for photographic charm–this lent nothing to the beverage and I actually don’t recommend adding any additional flavors to this already kind of complex libation).

I also tried a shaken straight up version, sans club soda, which was quite tasty!

Ta-da! Blackberry Margarita!

Oh, and I did make a traditional margarita… you know, because it was National Margarita Day.

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