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egg whites + kale + haricots verts frittata with gluten-free toast = delicious?

August 30, 2013

I know, I know. It’s been over a month since my last entry, and what better way to ring in a post for the month of August (just under the wire) with a yummy frittata I made in a small cast iron skillet.

The worst part of this breakfast is the super catchy name I came up with: egg whites + kale + haricots verts frittata with gluten free bread. Sounds delicious! I mean come on…! Egg whites… kale… gluten-free bread…? The only thing missing is a raggedy Oliver Twist holding out a wooden bowl saying, “more please!”

In truth, I could eat this every day if I had the ability to wake up with a modicum of time to prepare morning food, a.k.a. breakfast.

Also, this was a first for me in regards to egg whites. I used Trader Joe’s Cage-Free Egg Whites (free roaming hens); although I suppose you could also separate your own yolks. I was really surprised at how tasty this ended up being; however, I’ll go out on a limb and say this is partially due to the other flavorful ingredients I used.


Let’s get to it:

You will need

  • egg whites
  • kale
  • haricots verts (in season are the best!)
  • red onion
  • garden fresh pepper
  • cheese of your liking, I used a peppercorn toscano
  • small cast iron skillet
  • gluten-free toast (I used Udi’s, pretty good!)

The first order of business is sautéing the red onion in a dash of olive oil in a cast iron skillet.


After the onion caramelizes a bit add the green beans and fresh pepper–in this case I used a poblano.


And then finally add the kale.


Once the kale cooks down, (it will turn a bright green and lose its toughness), you can remove the skillet from the burner.


Grate your favorite cheese! I am in love with Trader Joe’s peppercorn Toscano. (It’s great on freshly popped popcorn.)


Fill the pan with egg whites just enough that it covers most of the kale/onion/haricots verts and pepper. Top with cheese and then bake at 425°F until egg whites cook and the cheese gets nice and melty.


Garnish with a little red pepper flake and serve with Gluten-free toast (or regular toast if you are blessed with no such gluten intolerance) and voila! A super tasty breakfast for one!


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    Reply Caroline January 17, 2014 at 1:46 am

    I’m so happy to have found you via your feature on Nosh.On.It! Your site is really beautiful! This frittata looks so delicious…and I know what you mean about those egg whites…they are only as awesome as the ingredients you pair them with. All of those great fresh veggies and that Toscano Cheese (my favorite too!) sound wonderful together. I’d love to be more ambitious in the morning to make this…I may need to make this a lunch very soon!

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