new life for old flowers

December 31, 2011

I love fresh cut flowers–if only they lasted just a little longer. What I’ve come to realize is that some flowers last longer than others. Depending on the type of bouquet you purchase you may be able to get three or four more days out of your bunch.

This particular arrangement I purchased at Trader Joe’s. Ordinarily I would take the time to remove as many leaves from the bottom stems as possible to keep the water fresh; but, in the melée of the holidays I hurriedly plopped these in the vase as they came.

To freshen these up I pulled everything out of the vase and dumped the old murky swamp water. I weeded out what was salvageable and what was prime for the compost bin. Using a pair of kitchen shears I snipped the bottom stems and removed any slimy/decomposed leaves. After cleaning up the salvageable flowers I promptly added them back to the vase with fresh cool water–and voila! Fresh flowers for a few more days in exchange for about five minutes of work.

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