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halloween 2014: the grady twins

November 6, 2014

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This Halloween we attended a themed club event at The Liberty Hotel in Boston. Prior to attending the festivities, we decided to take some photos at the Parker House Hotel (officially The Omni Parker House Hotel) across from the State House in Downtown Boston.

The Parker House features one of my all-time favorite Boston bars–The Last Hurrah. It’s old and supremely classic in every way. The servers dress in all black. The wood paneled walls are covered with black and white photos of Boston politicos. And hey, it’s where JFK celebrated his bachelor party. But mostly, their cocktails are amazing and simple.

While the fad of mixology will soon wane, The Last Hurrah will forever be serving a glacier martini unfurnished with pretense served on a silver platter along with a bowl of warmed nuts.

And so dressed as the Grady twins from the film The Shining, we sat in our blue dresses daintily sipping on our martinis. Perhaps we weren’t the most convincing ten year olds as we were not even remotely considered for age verification; however, our server did address us as “ladies”. So in that respect, maybe I was convincing but… probably not.

As the sole costumed guests at The Last Hurrah we finished our drinks and wandered around the rest of the hotel–which is supposedly haunted.

We bounced from floor to floor looking for random guests to take our photos. The results were mostly terrible–many crooked and out of focus pictures. I then suggested we find room 237 for a background photo op, the haunted room in The Shining. Guess what?! The Parker House skips this room number. 235. 236. 238. 239… wait… what?! We tripled checked. No room 237. How creepy is that? After some research, it turns out the real haunted room at The Parker House is #303–which has been walled off. Still… where the hell is room 237?

Finally we found a hipster couple that was able to get a few photos of us holding hands in the creepiest of all Boston hotels. Thank you hipster couple.

IMG_8621 sq

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    Do you still have these dresses? My sister and I are having a hard time finding some, if so, would you be willing to sell and ship them? Please email me at if you are interested, thanks!!!!

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