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December 30, 2011

There’s nothing more enjoyable than a large group of friends getting together for drinks and food at a fabulous restaurant or bar. There’s nothing less enjoyable than figuring out the check at the end. Invariably this is what happens… the check goes around the table and everyone adds up what they ate and drank. Unfortunately, tax is usually omitted. This is simple: add up your amount and then plan on adding 25%. Tax is usually going to be around 10%–varies from city to city, but this is a healthy estimate. Add another 15% for tip. Bad at math? Take your total and half it. Take that amount and half it again, add that to your total. If everyone does this, it will work out leaving one very happy server. Also, I recommend paying with cash–the fewer cards your server has to run the better. You are also less likely to be stuck with the tip.

Hope you enjoyed this info-graphic!

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