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the ol’ salad on the pizza gag

January 3, 2012

I know the whole salad on the pizza gag has been done a zillion times, but fuck it.

I had some left over pizza dough and decided to make my own version. (I’ll post my magical pizza dough recipe soon.) But first I have to tell you about this vinaigrette I’ve been making. I periodically think to myself, “how can I get alcohol into my food?” A few summers ago I accomplished this by adding a smokey tequila to my guacamole (fantastic). And now I present to you my lemon-vermouth vinaigrette.

  • juice of one large lemon or two smaller lemons
  • 2 oz dry vermouth (white!)
  • 2 T EVOO
  • cracked pepper or salt to taste

Combine the above in a mixing bowl, gently whisk. Now back to this pizza business.

Everyone has their own way of rolling out their dough, etc. I don’t want to persuade anyone away from their methodology but, this… this is how I roll. It. Out. First, I rarely use sauce. I’m a white pizza guy… so I roll the dough thin and brush it with delicious extra virgin olive oil. For this pie I used (probably) one of Trader Joe’s shredded cheese blends–most likely the quattro formaggio. My topping of choice is, was and always will be savory caramelized onions.

If ever I had a crutch in the kitchen it would have to be fresh cracked black peppercorns and caramelized onions. (Better than bacon in my opinion. Sorry, but suddenly does 7 out of 10 dishes at any given restaurant include bacon as an ingredient? CRUTCH I SAY!)

My greens for the salad component = fresh pea shoots. I love the ridiculous taste of springtime these have. So fresh! These came from the good people at @cityfeed on Centre. (Seasonal?)

At any rate… I tossed the greens into the mixing bowl and then promptly served them atop the pizza. Oh, I tossed in some freshly roasted rosemary pumpkin seeds as well. So delicious.

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