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area man to retire from co-ed adult rec league

March 27, 2012

Boston, MA – At a press conference today the adult co-ed sports world of Boston Ski and Sports Club was stunned to learn that David Ziegler-Voll was retiring at age 39.

“It’s sad to say goodbye to the teammates that I have been around for so long, specifically this team that formed just a few weeks ago, but it’s time to look forward and start a new chapter.”

Mr. Ziegler-Voll went onto say he hopes to remain in the public eye as a sports broadcaster on anyone’s blog that will permit him.

David “Ziggles” Ziegler-Voll was best known for his softball pitch-style many dubbed “the ziggle wiggle”.

“It was kind of odd, it was almost like he was bowling or something,” a former teammate said who asked to remain anonymous, “he really wasn’t very good, but his butt wiggle before he released a pitch was hypnotic.”

David went on to explain, “It’s hard you know… to look through my closet and see the hundreds of t-shirts I have in varying shades of blues and greens from past dodgeball, kickball and softball teams… a lot of memories.”

Ziegler-Voll’s spot “on the mound” is expected to be filled by next monday’s indoor softball game taking place in North Reading, MA.

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